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Hi all

Ive had gynecomastia since i was a teenager and after recently losing a fair bit of weight, its made me want to get it corrected. I have done my research and will be booking an appointment with Dr Paul Belt shortly for my first consultation.

A couple of questions:

1) the feedback on Dr Belt seems to be generally good, does anyone have any other surgeons that might be better in the Brisbane area?

2) I do have MBF hospital and extras but i dont have a GP referral at the moment. I understand that i wont get any rebates for the initial consultation fee. However, in relation to the other costs (i.e. the big ones, surgeon fee, hospital costs etc) will i need a referral to Dr Belt if i want to claim those? if so, does can anyone recommend a GP in Brisbane (preferably western suburbs but anything would do) who will give a referral easily? i dont really wont to go a GP after seeing Dr Belt and not get a referral if it turns out to be necessary for claiming on the insurance.

3) Ive already done the majority of my research and am keen to proceed pretty much as quickly as possible with the surgery. Does anyone know what kind of timelines i am looking at from now until getting it actually done? will i need any tests etc beforehand?



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