Author Topic: Lump under nipple - need advice  (Read 6517 times)

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I was on a steroid cycle about one year ago, and 6 months ago noticed a small lump under a nipple. It comes close to the nipple surface and seems to retreat, moving around the general area time to time. It is not sore, but when close to the nipple it feels "prickly" like a scratchy jumper / pullover going accross the surface. Occassionally, it alters the shape of the nipple but not noticably.

Not sure if it is something to be worried about or not. Just moved back to tiny Adelaide and am not looking forward to going to see a not switched on doctor and telling him I did a cycle.

Any advice?

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See a doctor asap and have it properly diagnosed ASAP. it could be malignant and no one here can tell you what it is.


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