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I had man boobs and it bothered me since puberty. My GP said not to worry as it will go away but nothing changed for years. Even when I was comfortable with my weight (and I am not fat )they just stayed there.
I did not even know I could do something to remove them until I happened to see a TV Show that looks into Dr Lanzer’s operating practice.
Dr Daniel Lanzer is a Specialist Dermatologist  but I chose him because he and his staff were very friendly and laidback.
I travel for my work so I was considering the removal in his Sydney surgery but in the end I did it in his Day hospital in Melbourne.
When I came in Dr Lanzer re explained everything and I did the op awake. He used an numbing solution to numb the area that apparently makes it safer and other than pushing, I felt no pain when that gland was removed.
I was amazed to see the size of the gland that was cut out. It actually helped me in my head to see that big white lump on the table rather than on my chest.
I was bruised and a bit swollen for 2 weeks but then totally flat.
People never understood me why it bothered me so much and mate it’s now gone and its really changed my life.
Clearly the doc was understanding, and kind and did exactly what he said.
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Thanks for your Dr Lanzer review. Looking forward to seeing you at your after care appointments.


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