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Dear All,

Because this site helped me a hell of a lot before I went to get the chop I feel it would be bad of me not to share my experiences.

It is three days after my operation and everything seems to be fine. My chest is as flat as can be but there is still swelling. I haven't seen my nipples yet so that is my only worry. But I'm sure they will be ok.

Ok so this will be a little bit of an essay, but  I’ll try to answer as many questions as I had before I went under the knife.

I won’t provide photos at the moment because I don’t have pre-op photos (maybe my surgeon will give them to me) and I won’t provide the surgeon’s name until I get his ok.


I have had gyne since early teens, for 15 years haven’t taken my shirt off in public, haven’t worn t-shirts or anything. In fact I don’t think a day went by that I didn’t look at my chest in the mirror and feel terrible.

There was one phase where I did a really physically intensive work and I got very buff and very skinny but still had a chest I didn’t want anyone to see. This convinced me that no matter how hard I worked I couldn’t get rid of it without surgery.

I was against surgery because I thought it was a bit vain and couldn’t justify the money. But I also thought the fact that I couldn’t wear a t-shirt out without freaking out (I did a couple of times thinking it would be ok but practically had to go home just to change), and that I couldn’t change it by going to the gym, meant that I had a valid excuse. I would still be embarrassed if I found out.


I was scared of the cost, but thankfully I managed to save some money and it ended up cheaper than I thought. I have no private insurance so I thought that would count me out but it didn’t. It just means that you either pay about $2000 for a private hospital over-night or go to a public hospital for about $200 (you have to check your surgeon operates in a public hospital). I went the public option.

My surgeon charged me around $4.500 for his part in the affair. That seems reasonable. I can’t find the letter but I think I can claim about $500 back.

I’m still waiting for the bill from the guy who puts you to sleep - I think that will be a couple hundred dollars, most of which you can claim…

So you are looking at around 4,500 -5k in a public hospital or with insurance. (Much more for a private hospital with out insurance).

To claim on medicare, you need a referral. Just go to your GP and say ‘can I have a referral to see Dr so and so’ and if you are embarrassed, you don’t have to say exactly why I said ‘I’m not happy with my chest’ I probably could have said ‘don’t really want to talk about it and he would have written the letter. In the letter it just says ‘this patient wants to talk to you about an issue’ it will save you money in the long run.

Day in hospital:

I turned up to Concord hospital at 6.30am on a Thursday. The most pleasant surprise is that people don’t really ask you why you are there until you are in for the surgery. Just learn the word ‘Gynecomastia’ and they don’t ask any more questions. The biggest surprise was how used to it they are. They said they get two a week and it doesn’t raise an eyebrow. I was scared there would be some hot young nurses/doctors and I’d be really embarrassed. But in the end they were either old and understanding or didn’t make you think they knew why you were there. Some of the more understanding explained to me how common the procedure was and that they understood. They will also tell you what they think of your surgeon, but it may be too late. Mine got good reviews.

I went into surgery, got gassed and needled up and don’t remember much more. Woke up in post op in the compression garment, drains and dressing.

Not too much pain. Asked for morphine because I knew it would put me to sleep and I was bored and it is rare you get to take the hard drugs.

Afterwards spent the night in the hospital. I got a private room which was great for a public patient. But there were share rooms so I’m not sure if everyone will get that.

The biggest pain for the next 24 hours was the itching from my dressings. Otherwise things weren’t too bad. Getting up to go to the toilet with two bottles and drains hanging from your chest was a bit embarrassing too.

I was excited to know what it would look like. I got to see the next day when the nurse changed my dressings and took out the drains. Flat as could be, couldn’t tell if they were the same size. Nipples looked pretty screwed up… but so would you if you were cut in half.

They sent me home the next day. If you stay over night, you don’t need someone to pick you up. If same day you will need a friend/relative to get you.


Three days later I’m feeling fine. The dressings are still on and they are as itchy as hell. I’ve snuck a few peeks at the chest and it looks good. But for once in my life I think I’ll look like a weakling if I don’t go to the gym and get some pecks - it is great! I’m looking through my wardrobe at things I can wear now (people have given me tight shirts and jumpers that went straight to the closet never to see daylight). And thinking about going shopping.

I’m not sure when the dressing is coming off. I arranged with the Dr to take it off myself because I have to go back to work Monday, then I will see him Friday. I’m a bit scared, I don’t want to stuff things up… he gave me detailed instructions but I was still coming out of the general and don’t remember.

He used dissolving stiches which is great because I don’t have to go get them taken out. But I don’t know how it all works.


My biggest worry of course is swapping big boobs for scars that everyone wants to know about. The doctor showed me photos of guys nipples and I couldn't see the scar at all. He seems to get better results then I've found on the internet. Not only does he cut along the nipple line, he uses a jagged cut so it doesn' stand out.

I hope it works out well for me. But if not the scars can be revised or I can just let my chest hair grow out. I'll post some photos to let you know how it goes later.

I get to take the dressing off today! So I will fill you all in.

Please ask me any questions. I live in Sydney not far from the CBD, I'd be happy to talk to anyone about this in person or telephone if you can find a way to get me your details. I know what a nightmare it can be and want to help anyone with it.

We'll know if it is a success a bit later. I think I had the best surgeon around, so when I can I'll pass you his details and tell you how the nipples work out.
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Hey guy,

Thanks for that story - great feedback there.

I wish you all the best now that you're 'on the other side' and hope everything continues to improve.

where in sydney do u live?

and who was you surgeon? (pm me if youre uncomfortable posting these details here) I dreally love to know, as Im looking at ps's right now.

anyway, look forweard to hearing more re: your post-op progress

cheers mate,

... and the saga continues

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congratulations mate

good on ya!

I would also reall yappreciate some info on your surgeon and hospital... it would really help me

you can pm if you'd prefer

thanks ,m8

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any updates for us billy? :)

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Hey Billy,

Newbi here! mate read ur story and it has given me hope. I am 30 now and have been living with it for about 16yrs now. Its the worst in summer time as i have to wear a thick t shirt underneath my normal shirt and even then it shows. Get comments like "why u wearing 2 layers of clothing in this heat", "u should take the tshirt off".. etc.. my usual response is that i feel uncomfortable without it :)... but anyway.. my qs is, like the others here, who is your surgeon? How did you get in contact with him? Did you go to your GP to get a referal? The reason why I ask is that I am not sure where to start with this. You can msg me at if you want.

Thanks in advance mate and I hope that ur life have changed for the better.


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Dear all,

Terribly sorry about not replying for almost a year. I sort of lost my account details etc.

The Doctor was Dr Hunt who comes well recomended by this site.

All this time later I'm very happy with the op. Nobody has noticed the scars, even a med student I was going out with.

My chest is now flat and I can wear a t-shirt or whatever I want. I'm not constantly fixated and worried about my chest.

I've noticed that even when I put KGs back on (which I've done since the op) they spread out nicely and I don't get the embarassing shape I once had. I think that I keep more weight around my chest (when I put it on) then may be normal, but as the doctor took the lumpy bits out this is easily lost and it doesn't jut out and look bad.

If you really look you can see tiny scars (this shouldn't turn anybody off, they are hardly noticable). Sometimes if my posture is not right or I scrunch up my shoulder/chest it takes an unatural shape but this is also not something that should really worry you.

All in all the psychological pain is gone, I've almost forgotten what it was like. I've also not noticed the 4k missing from my bank and think it is one of the best investments I've ever made.

Please post me if you have any questions. I'll remember my password this time.



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hey billy, welcome back and thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear the things went well for you after your operation. Unfortunately Dr Hunt seems to have hits and misses .. someone recently complained about being butchered by the same doc recently. Oh well..

I have one question for you though - how did you get to have the operation in a public hospital? From what I have been able to gather to qualify for public hospital you need

1) a doctor to sign and say that you procedure is necessary ie. not cosmetic only and

2) to wait for a bed up to 2 years as the waiting lines are really long

and the thing I don't understand at all is this ..

3) how did you get Dr Hunt at a public hospital? It has been explained to me that if you get gyno surgery at a public hospital it will be done by a random surgeon ie. you don't get to pick the PS at all

Sorry about all the questions .. it's very confusing for someone looking into this and it's very expensive to go and talk to potential plastic surgeon as they each charge upward of $250 for a simple consultation :/

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Hey Billy,
Congrats on your results mate.

I think everyone here's been anxiously waiting for a follow up post from your original one, to see how youre going a year down the track.

Ive sent you a pm mate. Its a bit lengthy but give it a read whenever you check your pm's and get a chance.

Take care

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Thanks all for reading. Yes I was reluctant at first to suggest a doctor. I would suspect even the best doctors get bad results, I can only say that my result was good.

I may have been mistaken in saying a public hospital. I'm not sure if I used the correct term. Dr Hunt did it in Concord Hospital, which is public, but I think it is different because it is a teaching hospital, so maybe therein lies the answer.

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Hi, sorry to bring up an old thread. I'm going with Dr. J. Hunt as well, however, I have been quoted $8500 for the procedure. Am I being ripped off? Why was your procedure so much cheaper? I have private health insurance, and my case isn't too bad at all.



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