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Like some of you I almost never post anything online.. I generally 'lurk' too afraid to speak in an open forum (one of the symptoms of gynae, making me bloody afraid of what other people think of me)

I hope my story inspires other sufferers to 'pull the trigger' on getting surgery for gynaecomastia. Please note, know the difference between true gynaecomastia and pseudogynaecomastia (i.e. you're globally fat/have a lot of subcut adipose tissue thus giving the appearance of breasts)

Funnily enough I myself am a registered doctor in Australia. I have most likely developed this condition secondary to excessive endogenous production of estrogen throughout puberty.. hence an idiopathic cause (yes there are definitely some other primary causes such as iatrogenic anabolic steroids, liver dysfunc, chronic thyroid issues, endocrine tumours/cancers - why we look at ur testes!, some medications like spironolactone etcetc ). My brother also has this condition although it never effected him that much because he chose to look past it and has a wife that loves him for who HE IS and not his looks (yes guys, looks aren't everything but it's still important to be confident with your own appearance). I on the other hand never moved passed it and thus my self confidence has been stunted since i was a teenager.. this can be devastating for anyone at any stage in their life.

(by the way i'm a bit loopy/high from the 'stronger' analgesia I have been taking post op :P so please excuse the poor grammar etc!!)

Just wanted to say I'm BMI 22. Relatively toned/muscular but always seemed to have a centralised body fat distribution (i.e. man boobs and a belly BUT who cares about a belly, that's masculine even at a moderate level (BUT BOOBS AREN'T), augmented by my obvious gynae. I never bothered going full healthy or getting in better shape because I always knew I had the gynae/puffy nipples that would never go (i never take my shirt off in public and rarely wear NON black t shirts by themselves!! so sad..). Now it's gone and I have nothing stopping me from achieving the body I want.. and it's possible, trust me. This can also happen for you, take the risk and reap the endless confidence and self esteem. Happiness is a choice NOT something you earn - being comfortable with urself will help you achieve this.

So in summary I have NOTHING bad to say about Dr Paul Belt (lol sorry I spoke more about my story than the surgeon), extremely professional, qualified and genuinely knows how to run things. He inspired confidence in me, a doctor, and trust me being a doctor makes you VERY critical about someone's capabilities and Dr Belt has already earned my trust.

I had the surgery last week (today is Monday 30th March 2015) so I'm roughly a week post op and my chest is now my best asset instead of my worst! I'm not even 6 weeks post op and I'm happy with the result.. Yeah it's amazing.

When I'm not as intoxicated from stronger analgesia such as tramadol (a very underestimated yet effective analgesic, not commonly used (compared to oxycodone etc) due to it's severe naeuseating ADR's in some people, potential serotonergic toxicity, increase risk of seizure and potential dangerous dosing in renally impaired). Sorry I went on a tangent.

But yes I'm more than happy to post some before and after shots when I'm more alert/with it lol.

Thanks and hope that all made sense.

All the best

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