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This is for all you guys out there who are considering having Gyno surgery.

I just had surgery with Dr Sue a few days ago. I had no liposuction (lipo) only excision. I highly recommend Dr Sue and her entire team of people. They are extremely professional and provide the highest quality of care and service. The results of surgery so far, are outstanding!

Unlike many of the other postings I don't want to spend much time addressing the usual questions such as cost, pain, etc... There are plenty of postings that address those questions. Instead the issue that I believe is sadly neglected in many of the postings is pre-surgery preparation, which Dr Sue verbally confirmed, is critical to the outcome and results of surgery.

What do I mean by pre-surgery preparation? Well there are many things you have to do to prepare yourself for surgery. But if your overweight the most important form of preparation is weight loss. Prior to my surgery I weighed in just over 96kg. Over the space of 7 months I lost a total of +20kg. I now weigh approximately 75.5kg. This weight loss, I believe, was critical to the success of my surgery.

The reason for this is because I did not need lipo. Had of I remained overweight, I would have needed lipo. This in turn would have required longer surgery, and I would have experienced greater post-op pain, and needed longer time to heal, and the results would not have been so impressive.

However, because I lost the weight first, I did not need lipo, which meant less surgery time, minimal to virtually no post-op pain, very quick recovery, and results are outstanding.

So in short, the most important advice that I can give you is this: if your are overweight and you do not have any medical condition that prevents you losing weight, then LOSE THE WEIGHT FIRST. DONT RUSH INTO HAVING SURGERY WITHOUT FIRST LOSING WEIGHT! In fact delay it if you have to, and go see your family doctor, trainer, or whoever can help you to get on a healthy diet.

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