Author Topic: PLEASE help me find a surgeon for gynecomastia in New Zealand/maybe Australia  (Read 4185 times)

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Hi guys,
           Can someone please tell me who is the best Gyne surgeon in Auckland? i have finally saved up enough money and i want to get surgery done, im not rich but i dont care if the doctor is expensive, i just want the best as this is massive for me and i dont want to risk this.

if it is worth it i will even travel throughout the country or possibly to australia if it is really worth it.

i am going to need to get my glands removed and possibly a tiny bit of lipo.

I would really appreciate it if someone could please help me out with this and point me in the right direction.

also, do i need to go and see my GP first to get it checked out before i can have a consultation with a surgeon??

Thanks guys,

Kiwi kid

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Talk to your GP perhaps he can recommend someone. It's nerve racking, but just be straight with them man. I'm a younger guy as well, got my apt booked for December. Also try google, look up plastic surgeon guilds, groups, boards, anything that seems like its quality. Don't be afraid to ask around.

Good luck bro.

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The public health system covers this surgery in NZ mate. Just had mine done for free!

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Hi Craig,

Where did you get it done and how did it go?  Any tips / suggestions?




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