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Hi guys, I've been reading a few blogs, some good some bad, and wanted to relay my experience. Dr Quinn is a proper plastic surgeon in Subiaco with a great reputation. My wife was actually seeing Dr Quinn for her breasts when I asked him if he does gynecomastia surgery. He did, and we spent 15 minutes just talking about my chest (no charge). I've had gyne most of my life with generalised fullness on each side and puffiness behind the nipples. Pretty embarrassing, as you know. I came back to see Dr Quinn a couple of weeks later and we discussed the procedure in detail. He talked to me about the surgery, removing the gland as well as the fat, sometimes through separate cuts, and really knew what he was talking about. I'd seen another surgeon previously and left feeling a bit apprehensive and uncomfortable about the whole thing. The experience with Dr Quinn was totally different. He was far more knowledgable, far more thorough, had before and after photos (which were very impressive) and his costs were actually cheaper than my first surgeon and some others mentioned on this site.

I booked surgery 3 weeks later and haven't looked back. I had ultrasonic lipo and some of the gland directly removed through a small cut under the nipple (already fading). Dr Quinn took out about 250mL per side and I went home the same day. Noticed a big change straight away and really only had minor discomfort, not really even pain, however, I had to sleep on my back for a couple of nights. I felt almost back to normal a few days later but the swelling took a few weeks to settle down. It still seems to be getting better and I'm still wearing my garment. The results are exactly what I'd hoped for and my chest looks great. Nipples are flat. I've seen Dr Quinn twice since surgery and his nurse once. His nurse actually rang me the day after surgery just to check on me.

For those of you considering surgery, I can really recommend Dr Quinn. He's not only a great surgeon but really down to earth and a good guy. Cost me $2000 for surgery (I think this was discounted because of my wife), and I got almost $900 back from medicare and HBF!! Anaesthetist was $900 and was also really good. HBF/ medicare covered the hospital costs. I wish I'd done it earlier, so for those of you not sure just do it!


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