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Hey everyone,

I recently had a consultation with Dr Daniel Lanzer, overall it was pleasant and fairly informative but very brief (expected that). The consult with Dr Lanzer was free (which is great).

His P.A Brad is fantastic, he wasn’t pushy and said I could always email, call him or comeback for a second consult if I had more questions.
I am happy with all of this but as has been recommended by people on the forum I should get another opinion.

I am aware other surgeons have consult prices around the $200 mark so obviously I don’t want to see to many, however I also understand this is an important process and doing things right here prevents issues in the long run.

So in summary does anyone here have any recommendations for a surgeon(s) in Melbourne?

Also typically how long does a paid consult go for (I have seen some bad feedback regarding Sue Thistlewaite’s consults in the forums, going to avoid her)?

Money is not main point here if you’re recommending please recommend on merit, not their price.

Link to my previous post, includes pictures and some doctors opinions, just included for full context:

Thanks so much I’ll keep all updated as there is progression as well, great forum!


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