Author Topic: Recommendation: Dr D. Topchian or Sue Thistlethwaite (melbourne)  (Read 4399 times)

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I have just booked appointments with both doctors.. Problem being that Sue is a much longer wait (early march 08) as apposed to David which is early Jan..  Obviously I would like to get it over with asap- but if it is worth waiting then I am happy to do so..
My condition is fairly bad (at least from comparison of others I have seen)..
I have noticed that David is a Cosmetic surgeon; likely with less experience; but he does specialize in breast surgery (from my understanding).
Whereas Sue is a plastic surgeon with more experience and is likely to be much more expensive..

I would think that I would be left with scarring due to a 'more extreme' condition- which is why I am tending towards Sue..

Edit: I also just made an appointment with Dr Ashley Granot from the Ashley Center (next week)..

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I have been researching a top plastic surgeon.  There are many Cosmetic Surgeons and many Plastic Surgeons but not too many Specialists of Plastic surgery. To be a specialist in plastic surgery You have to study and train about 8-10 Years extra than a Doctor.  Hence, before the persons name is either a Mr or Mrs.  This is an honourable title and would give you some extra reinforcement in Your decision.

With my investigation the results are as follows (taking in mind that I have some medical background and that I am very fussy).  I have an appt. with both specialists in Feb and March respectively.
* Mr Keith Mutimer and Dr Sue Thistlethwaite are my two best options. 
Mr Keith Mutimer has almost unparallel experience and training.  Dr Sue Thistlethwaite has extensive experience and at the time of her fellowship was the very first female to be accepted in the training.
She has been a great inspiration to not just women but to anybody who wishes to strive to high places. She continues to do a marvellous job.

Yours Faithfully,

I am going to the Docs tomorrow for a general check up and I will mention those names and if He knows others.  My Doctor is exceptional and is the Club Doctor for the St. Kilda Football Club.  He has two practices and I have been seeing him for the past 14 years.


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