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I went to Sue Thistlethwaite for gynecomastia surgery to remove excess glandular tissue left from a prior surgery.
On my consultation (wait time over 3 months) with Sue Thistlethwaite she was very confident that there was too much gland left and the other surgeon did a horrible job.
I was confident after reading other reviews here that Sue Thistlethwaite was experienced enough and knowledgeable enough to carry out this procedure so I decided to go ahead with this surgery.
Fast forward another 4 months to surgery (a long wait) and on the day of surgery Sue very quickly came in and in literally 1 minute spent with me drew a few drawings on my chest that she would remove all excess gland.  I expressed concerns that the glandular tissue was the main problem.  I felt the day of surgery things were very rushed and not thorough at all considering the wait time of 4 months for surgery.
After surgery the puffyness was still very evident and understandable there is swelling so just wait and see.  This created a very unnatural protrusion.  Upon review with Sue she quickly brushed off concerns as swelling and scar tissue.
Fast forward another 5 months with constant massage, no change, the same glandular tissue remained around the nipple area.  As I moved interstate in this time I tried to contact Sue Thistlethwaite with my concerns.  Her receptionist was quite rude, would not pass on messages and it took 4 weeks to get any response from her offices.  At one stage she said to me " You can lead a horse to water but you can't make her drink".
Since then I have had surgery with Dr Widdowson and his care and concern was excellent compared to Sue and he removed all excess glandular tissue (certainly not scar tissue) and the chest now looks normal.  He immediately saw that there was too much glandular tissue left which created gynecomastia.
Overall I would strongly not recommend Sue Thistlethwaite based on my experience.
Quite simply once this surgeon gets your money she will not want much to do with you after if you are unhappy with results.


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