Author Topic: Sue Thistlethwaite - EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED CONSULTATION  (Read 2997 times)


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I have been searching around Melbourne for the last 6-months to find the best surgeon to help me with my puffy nipples.  I have dark skin and a low body fat. 

Prior to my consultation with Sue I called through and explained that I was concerned about scaring.  I explained to the receptionist that before I came in I would like to see some before and after photos.  I was told that Sue does not post before and afters on her website or send them out to patients.  She thoroughly reassured me that Sue would have similar before and afters of previous patient like me and explained I had to come in to see them.  During my 10-15 minute (extremely brief) consultation Sue explained that she would have to "dig up" some similar before and afters to myself, then contact the patients to make sure they were happy for her to pass on to me.  Sue explained she would do a simple excision (She mentioned nothing about liposuction of the surrounding tissue to improve contouring).

After one week I heard nothing back from Sue regarding before and afters.  Her receptionist explained she was too busy (after just returning from holidays).  I sent numerous emails to touch base with her and called a couple more times.  1 month later her receptionist dismissively explained to me that Sue never gives out before and after photos and that she would have never told me that she could. 

Being extremely frustrated with this explanation I made it clear I would be re-telling this account on this forum so others wouldn't have to go through with the same ordeal.  They were clearly worried about this and then reassured me that they would finally look into the matter.

Another week passed and the receptionist explained to me that Sue's reason for not providing before and afters was because "There is not point showing before and afters when it is such a minor procedure".

I would strongly recommend to all to avoid seeing wasting $200 dollars to see this surgeon.  I am still searching for a surgeon but their are many others in Melbourne who have been much more helpful, understanding and thorough.



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