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I had surgery done 4.5 years ago and was a little disappointed with my initial results. I started going to the gym seriously after surgery for 2 years and bulked up which made the rest of my body look normal. Now I'm very lean (lightest I've ever been) 185cm - 74kg and still have man boobs and craters if I lift my arms anywhere above my waist. This shouldn't happen. She just chopped out some gyno and didn't lipo anything. Seriously unhappy. Looking at forking out another $5k plus the risks involved to fix it right.

I know her reviews are all good and she's professional but get her word that she'll do it right! There's another thread over the page where someone experienced the same problem with her.

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I have my surgery with her in a few days. Not an encouraging post to read :/ 

What do you recommend I tell her?  Should I tell her not to take out too much?


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