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Hey fellas,

Desperately seeking some reccomendations from anyone who has had surgery or even consulted with any gyne surgeons in Sydney...

any details,experiences and thoughts would be greatly appreciated and very helpful to me.... as I have finally found the balls to take action on my gyne.

thanks again,

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go to a doctor, i recently went, and they will refer you to a surgen, no need for a plastic surgen here in Aust, im prety sure medicare will cover most of it, like 600 u gotta pay... well ive heard of some stories
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"I've noticed that many people seem to fall into 3 categories; 1) people who have true gyno and have suffered psychological from it.  2) people who suffer from psuedo-gyno (the majority) and suffered"

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thats crap MATE, Im sorry.
Gyne surgery should always be done by a plastic surgeon, unless you have d-cup boobs and you are broke as and its a major and immediate medical/health hazard, where  the gland must get cut out whatever the physical cost to your body  (eg: cancer or soemthing)

ausguy, you must not consider anything less than a PS who is A certfied member of FRACS.
they might not do a good job, but theyre not more than likely to do a bad one like a gen surgeon will

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... and the saga continues

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thanks Tony for your assertion... I was never considering going with anything less than a board certified plastic surgeon anyway...

so..... Anyone in SYDNEY got any recommendations for me???

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i had surgery with Dr Jeremy Hunt and have been very happy feeling a lot more confident all of that is done in a private hospital and spent one night cost did not worry me, vest is very annoying feels like a he - man suit :)

hope it helps

you will need to see your GP first and get some blood tests and a referral but the referral can be for any doc  

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Yeh... thats who everyone has been mentioning so far, and all Ive heard so far is about jeremy hunt.
Im checking him out in the new year, but does anyone have any other Sydney ps suggestions...? I want to have a few consultations and get second and third opinions on my case.,

thanks fellas


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