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Alright so im 20 yrs old, 195lbs 6'3 am very active and a gym rat I have a beefy chest with out the gyno as i bench 225.. I havent taken roids just weight gainer and creatine but have stopped now for almost 2-3 years. I have had gyno since i was 17 yrs old and is hasnt gone away even with a 2 week perscription of Danazol and Clomophene(SP). I have recently booked a appt with DR FEILDING in toronto for surgery. I actually cannot stand this condition to the point were i have trouble sleeping with girls. By no means am I shy or embaroussed of my body because most of the time you cant even see the GYNO. Money is not an issue to me I just want rid of my gyno and puffy nipples. My case isnt bad at all i mean the glands are like the size of a tooney. Has anyone had any similar expeireneces with surgery like mine with DR FEILDING or any other drs ???? Please help I cant wait to get rid of this shit!

here are some pictures

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yeah for the most part everbody is pretty happy with fielding. how much is he charging u? and how soon did he book u from when u went in?


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