Author Topic: Anyone attending university and had surgery?  (Read 2516 times)

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My university has a health and dental plan (its included in the tuition fee) Im just wondering if anyone knows if some of the health plan will cover for a little of the surgery fees. Im thinking about going to Dr. Fielding, but looking for ways to skim my surgery fees. I dont want my parents involved as they are old-fashioned and will never understand this type of surgery.

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If you're a student I think the price is $1080 or somewhere around there.

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If you have extended health care spending system, that may cover the cost. But not sure. You have to check with provider.

I have Manulife. And they do cover the cost. But unfortunetly, I had only $200 left in my account and my surgery cost was $1900. So I preferred not to take from that. And instead claim the surgery cost i my income tax return as health expense.
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