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Hey everyone haven't been around for awhile, about to go do a mass read. Just returned from a warm climate, where I know I kept my shirt on more than I wanted to because of my chest.

I decided on that trip to finally get this done even if it required a bit of debt.

I am hoping someone can help with cheap cheap CHEAP flgihts. Accepting that I have to fly to Toronto twice, I want to do it as cheaply as possible. In that vein, if anyone knows cheap hotels in a good spot, or a cheap way to get to his office, ie, a bus that runs nearby. Also, has anyone been able to do a consult and surgery all in one trip? That would save me some money.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from everyone, I will be calling his office Monday.


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I'm assuming you're planning on going to Fielding? I made the call last week and here's what I've gathered:

It's not possible to get it all done in one trip (unless you can stay the month). You can travel from the airport to his office pretty cheap via bus + subway. You can get the directions from Leslie (or let me know, I have em written down somewhere here).

I booked my flight from vancouver to toronto (for the 27th of march) for $450, all in, with westjet. That's the cheapest I could find for a one day round trip (booked through They also have a promo ending today I think where they'll refund you the difference if you can find a cheaper rate on the same flights, so this is probably as good as it gets.

I'll probably book my hotel through for whenever I get my surgery date. Not sure right now, haven't though that far ahead yet  ;D.


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