Author Topic: 1 year post op with Fielding, pretty much back to square one  (Read 3373 times)

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Last summer, about 11 months ago I had my surgery with Dr. Fielding, I would say I had moderate gyne, but having gone from 200+ lbs to 160 it became really pronounced and I wanted it gone.

I had no problems after the surgery, and the week (or days, or however long) after I was instructed to remove the padding I did to find myself with an amazing chest. It was everything I wanted it to be.

I did as instructed and wore my tenser for however long, I did everything i was told though my memory of what exactly it was is foggy now seeing as it was a year ago. I noticed my chest was not what it was on that first day of removing my pads. I assumed it was swelling, and the info he gives you says it will take some months for your chest to really start looking the way it should.

Well it has been a year and I have not been happy since that first day of taking off the foam pads. As it stands my chest is exactly the same size it was with one caveat: I have indented nipples.

It's obvious the excision went as planned, but the lipo just didn't. Maybe it came back, maybe he never took enough out. Either way I'm uncomfortable in a t-shirt just as I was before, but now because my nipples are indented in such a fashion that it shows noticably.

I have gained some weight since my surgery, in fact I went into my consult at the lowest weight I've ever been, around 160, and I was so excited to be getting rid of my gyne I let my healthy lifestyle slip some and I have probably gained 10-15 pounds. It could entirely be my fault my chest looks this way, but it hasn't looked good since the first week, so I just don't know.

I suppose my next course of action is to make a new appointment with him. I don't know if it will cost me more money since I guess lipo is the answer now. Unfortunately I live about 4 hours away and while I can make it out there and don't entirely mind, I'd hate to have to go out twice, to see him and to get a new surgery date.

I would be very happy if my chest was aligned with my nipples, but there is such a noticeable indentation they go in like half an inch. Especially at the top where it suddenly drops off.

has anyone else experienced anything like this? i don't know whats more embarrassing, having gyne or having an obviously failed surgery to get rid of it noticeable by all

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youre story is mine... except for the indent (but i have very noticeable scars which actually show through some of my work out t-shirts... so most people are actually wondering what happend to my chest after wondering how come i have boobs... anyways
i have an appointment with fielding at the end of this month. and trying to make some time for a second surgery.

really not happy about it cause just going over there costs a lot of money for me... but i cant leave it like that...
surgery did not work...:-(
Dr. Fielding (TO - Ontario : 416.766.8890) on august 9th, 2006 and revision on september 21st, 2007


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