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Are there any compression garments that just cover around the chest/nipple area, instead of the whole torso? I was looking for one for the summer, when I normally have to wear only 1 t-shirt.

Also, how visible are these things under your clothes?

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Old topic I know, but someone may still read it.

Marena recovery makes those chest only post-surgery vests, they are about $100 each, though my surgeon provided a complementary one.

It's invisible under clothes, though I also used an ace bandage on top of that for slight extra pressure (but it provides plenty on its own).

Has both a zipper and hooks.

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If you can find a women's "compression" Sports Bra that fits you well enough to be functional, maybe that is your best solution?  Male oriented compression garments will tend to be full torso and assume you want/need both chest and belly/waist shaping. Spanx makes some good ones, but they are kind of extreme for just "chesty" problems IMO; expect to buy new (smaller) pants.

To me, the benefit of male oriented garments in this case is that they correctly target our "frame", the armpit holes will be appropriately large and not "dig in" your armpits like a woman's Sports Bra would on us since we do not project outwards the same way. That said, the downside seems to be the full torso approach that targets more than we might want it to -- if you're good with your belly/waist and don't want something that you need to "roll up" to pee and spend 5 minutes fixing afterwards ... maybe not the best solution?

If the target area is just your chest, and if you feel you can live with elastic bands potentially digging into your armpits all day since you don't "project" like a woman would ... find a Sports Bra that you like.  There are a LOT more men out there wearing Sports Bras everyday than you probably think there are. The benefits are measurable for any man with fleshy chests, Gynecomastia, puffy nipples, etc.

Basically, it's just underwear.  Hard to justify anyone faulting you for wearing underwear that's "comfortable" to you? The thing about underwear is that it comes off just as easily as outerwear :) 


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