Author Topic: Recommended shop for compression vest (UK)  (Read 5136 times)

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Hi guys,

I ordered a Eurosurgical compression vest from these guys in the UK.

I originally ordered one that was too small, it was no prob swapping it for another size (it was clean & I was careful not to spoil it) & the lady was super nice & insta shipped the new one with next day delivery without even asking for delivery charge.

Very nice women & good customer service.

Eurosurgical Ltd
Surgical Appliances & Equipment Guildford
Unit 2 Merrow Business
Phone 01483 456007

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i read your post and ordered the vest from eurosurgical.
The vest is recommended by one of the forum surgeons aswell.
It feels better than the marcom one i was given at the clinic.
Also delivery was next day.
thanks for your help


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