Author Topic: any body needs help fm Turkey may contact me  (Read 2821 times)

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It's been nearly 3 weeks post - operation for me with Dr. Yakup Avsar I'm quite satisfied.
I had both lipo & gland removal surgery , Turkish docs are very talented and experienced on surgery matters and the costs are reasonable ( abt 1500$- 2500$ ) but you have to search a lot for the real artist to be secure when going under a knife . I had no bruises after surgery, only little pain that was tolerable , some discomfort due to the drains which I carried for 1 week , still have some little swelling after 19 dys which seems to be normal as learned fm this site.

If anybody from Turkey suffering fm this trouble needs to have any experiences reading these sentences may contact me , or anybody who wants to have surgery at Turkey as well.



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