Author Topic: I am Thinking about surgery in Poland???  (Read 5377 times)

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I am considering having my surgery done in Poland. I haven’t a clue of any surgeons to contact. Better still I would prefer to talk to anyone who has had surgery in Poland which has been successful. I am really scared so I would need to have some advice. Could someone recommend where I should go? Would like to find out about people who have had surgery in Poland and what their results have been.

What advice could anyone give? Or if someone has had surgery in the UK and has been happy with the results then please let me know to.


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You are asking for someone who has had successful surgery in Poland to contact you.

Of the people who have had surgery, the people who continue to visit the site are either recent Post Ops or they are not too thrilled with their results.  Obviously, there are a few exceptions and we need their experience. But, Most of those who have had a good surgical outcome lose interest in this site and simply get on with their lives.

A variation of your question comes up every once in a while. The people best qualified to answer are simply no longer here in many cases.
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Hey Luke - What happened..did you go to Poland?  How were the results?

I've heard that people who got lipo & exc were happy with results.  Only exc patients were not.  Price is the cheapest so far from all surgeons on here.


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