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I have just arrived back to the UK after having gyno surgery at the Noa clinic in Poland.
From start to finish I can only say this is definitely the best decision I have ever made,
Adam Kalecinski did the surgery, and I can honestly say I am delighted with the outcome.
It probably took me 12 months to actually decide now was the right time to have the surgery, having just turned 45 in August.

I will give a very brief  summary from start to finish.
I contacted, who asked for some photos of my chest, a couple of days later after the photos had been seen by the surgeons I was told I was eligible for gyno surgery.

A selection of dates were given to me (all within 4 weeks of contacting) the next thing to do was to match up flights etc (but not book just yet).

After I told them I wanted the 21st Nov, Dave at Europesurgery went ahead and booked that date, then came back to me and said to book flights and send flight details to him, also he gave me a list of accommodation close to the clinic which could be booked via or most other hotel booking sites, he also offered me a self catering shared apartment owned by himself at £30 per night or 150 Zloty, so £120 for the 4 nights (I was there 5 nights but 1 night you are in the clinic).

I opted for the self catering shared apartment, which is literally 5 minutes walk from the clinic (red arrow).
Payment for this is done while you are there.

Flights were booked (Ryanair) which cost £95 return.
Airport parking booked at £40 for 5 days.

The day I arrived in Wroclaw, Anna (Taxi lady) was waiting for myself and two ladies who were also going to Noa, she dropped the ladies off first and then myself, she came up to the apartment and showed me all the basic ins and outs of the place.
She explained where the clinic was and off she went.

After unpacking, I walked down to Tesco's which is in the Magnolia shopping centre just behind the clinic, there I got some provisions for the week.
Tea/coffee sugar etc are already in the apartment.

The apartment has 4 individual locked rooms, a shared kitchen and bathroom, room 1 has its own bathroom so best to ask for this one if it's available, rooms 3&4 share a bathroom.
Each room has 2 x single beds, a wardobe and chest of drawers, a table and 2 chairs.
A TV and DVD player.
Towels are provided, so are all personal wash items (shower gel, hand wash etc).
The kitchen has all items you could ever need for cooking, eating and drinking.
A tall fridge freezer with individual room marked shelves is provided.
Whilst I was there for the 4 days, I only saw one other lady, who was basically only there for an hour before she was off to the clinic and I didn't see her again (she was having a face lift and needed to stay in the clinic a while after).
All in all the apartment is clean, warm and has everything you would need for your short stay in Wroclaw.

If you take your partner with you, they will love Magnolia park as there are 100's of shops inside, also KFC, Pizzahut, Starbucks etc.

I had my last meal around 9pm on the 20th, it was nil by mouth from this point on.

On the second day I had to at be at the clinic for 8am, upon arrival, I was amazed just how busy this place is, must have been 20 people in there, mostly British and female, Nose jobs are extremely popular!

The first thing I had to do was fill out some forms, secondly I had a consultation with Adam, Wojciech and a lady who I never got to know the name of.

Adam asked me to take my top off so he could have a look, he said as you stand infront of me, I can't actually see anything, but on examining my chest he said that my glands were about the size of a pound coin, this was what I wanted removing as the leaner I got the more 'triangulated' my chest looked.

He said there would be no liposuction, just full gland removal, he also said he would be doing the surgery, I have to add at this point you can choose whoever you want to do the surgery just let them know during this consultation.

After the consultation I had to have a short psychiatric evaluation with Ewa (Adam's Sister).

At this point it was time to pay, I had taken cash (£1400 GBP) for the surgery and £20 for the blood test, I handed that over to the receptionist who put it through a counting machine, 2 minutes later she handed me a receipt and that was it.

Blood test was done and then I was shown to my room by the receptionist, she said I was scheduled for surgery at 1pm (2 hours from then) and to have a shower and get into the gown.

Next the anaestheist came in and put the cannula in the back of  my wrist, not pleasant I have to say but over in seconds, she then put a drip up to keep me hydrated.

Next Adam came to see me and asked me to take the gown off, still had my underwear on at this time luckily, he marked two blue circles around my nipples and took a series of pictures from the front and side.

He asked if I had any questions, at this point I asked again about liposuction but he said there was no fatty tissue to remove just the gland tissue, he did say we do put about a 100mls of fluid in there to separate the gland from the muscle.

At this he said 10 minutes to surgery.

The operating theatre was opposite to my room, a nurse walked me to the theatre and asked me to remove my gown, at this point I was naked underneath and there must have been 10 people in the theatre mostly female, I looked at the nurse and pointed out once the gown was removed my junk was going to be on full show, at this she covered my modesty with a green sheet.

I climbed onto the bed, which is shaped like a crucifix and they strapped my arms down to it, next the anaestheist said something about 'you're going to have a good sleep' put the gas mask on my face and that was it, I awoke back in my bed with just a corset around my chest.

No pain at all, just a bit groggy, so I went back to sleep for a bit.

A nurse came throughout the night, checking the dressings and looking for anything abnormal, fluid build up etc, she also gave me a sleeping tablet and changed my drip twice.

Eventually I was brought some food after 22 hours of nil by mouth, about 3 hours after surgery they bring you some water.
Apparently everyone gets the famous ham,cheese and bread and a cup of tea.

Next morning, Adam came to see me and checked my chest again, he said everything was fine and you are free to leave if you feel up to it, at that I was up and dressed in a flash.
I had to come back at 9am each morning for the dressings changing, but other than a tiny amount of slight discomfort everything was great.

Before I left the clinic I opted to buy one of their compression vests at £60 GBP, Wojciech fitted it and explained it had to stop on for 6 weeks, even to sleep in.

That's it really, It went so smoothly, I urge anyone who has any cause for concern not to worry.

2 days after the surgery, I went to the clinic for the dressings changing, then walked an hour each way into the old town part of Wroclaw and visited the Christmas market in the square which is huge.

The total cost for everything was just about exactly £1800 GBP.
Surgery £1400
Accommodation £120
Flights £95
Airport parking £40
Blood test £20
Compression vest £60
Food for week £30
Taxi back to airport (initial taxi there is free) 45 Zloty (£9) but I gave the taxi driver a 15 Zloty tip so came to £12.
I changed a £100 GBP into Zloty but only used £30 worth in the whole 5 days.

I had enough left to buy my Misses a nice big bottle of perfume in the Black Friday sale from the airport on the way home.

Once again I am over the moon with the results!
I honestly can't rate Noa highly enough.
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Nice, got any before /after pictures?

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Nice, got any before /after pictures?

I will post some before and after pics in a few weeks after the external healing process has finished. 

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Just a quick update:
I've been using hirudoid cream which has been amazing, it got rid of all the bruising within 4 days !
I also put sudocrem antiseptic healing cream on the incision cuts and at 11 days after the op, the incisions are fully healed with no scabs. 
Just trained chest tonight , it's 2 weeks tomorrow since I had op. 
Done flat bench at about 40% usual and incline dumbells at about same. 
Trained with vest off but put it straight back on after. 
Felt great just doing something. 

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Nice, got any before /after pictures?

I will post some before and after pics in a few weeks after the external healing process has finished.

Can you post before/after pics please ?


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