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I have now have gynecomastia about three years and im 16 years old at this moment. I have get fed up with bullying and that i cant go to swim or be without shirt at summer so now I told my mother about the problem and show what wikipedia tells about this. It really wasnt easy to tell but if it make surgery prossible it is worth of it. Does the insurance usually cover the bill of surgery? If i go to private hospital i need the insurance because dont have money to pay few thousand and if i go to public i might have to wait looooong time (if the public is even possible).

Well, lets hope I will get rid of my gyne soon :)

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You know you can grow out of Gynecomastia with age right? I did. Give it time dude.

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Surgery for this condition is usually not covered by insurance because it's typically considered a cosmetic problem, not a medical problem.  However, there are exceptions.  If the surgery can somehow be considered as medically necessary, insurance might cover it.  For instance, I've heard of insurance covering the surgery when the person is experiencing consistent pain as a result of the gynecomastia. 

Because of the nature of the problem and so many variables being involved with insurance companies, each person's case is different.  You would just need to check with your doctor and insurance company.  If it's not covered, expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000.  The longer and involved the surgery, the more expensive it is. 

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