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It seems like some are having hard time telling parents...
i guess i was lucky to have such understanding parents...But if this helps this is how i came up with telling them..
first they noticed and brought it up..they even teased me alittle about i went up to them one day and told them that i went online and
to look up why i have such a larg chest..and i told them that its called gynecomastia and that the only way to gget rid of it is an operation..
so then next time i went to the doctors she said..b4 i left ( like she allways does) she said ''is there ne personal  questions you would like to ask me''
normaly i say no..but one day i asked her about it..and she new..and from there she helpd me through testing and all that..
but yea..thats how i started brining my problem out to the public....hope this helps in anyway

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omg ! that is the way I'm working on, I told my mother about what I saw online about men having large chests... now I need to tell her how its affecting my life, I don't know how.

For me, it was easier to write my family. Even if you live at home, there's no reason you cant write both your parents an email. Just let them know that its a hard subject to talk about, and writing makes it easier - and just let it all out. It doesn't get rid of your nips, but when you expose your 'demon' it becomes weaker and weaker the more you begin to talk about it. I just "came out" today, and it felt great. I am going to set up a consultation with a PS to see what he has to say. Good luck. Stay strong.

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Sometimes if you are having trouble talking to parents, Grandparents are even better.
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Sometimes if you are having trouble talking to parents, Grandparents are even better.

If you have 'Grandparents', or even 'other' family members to confide in... I had neither...   :'(

Most of my family, small as it was, were back in England... Just had my Mom/Dad and brother here in Canada...   :-\

Nobody to talk to...   :'(

Suffered in silence...    :'(

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Parents are very important for every one in this life.
My dad is died and My mom is very lovely.


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