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Started taking 0.5mg Avodart (Dutasteride) daily for BPH back in 2015 (prostate was up to 75gr and PSA around 3.3).  Developed gynecomastia in 2017 and my endocrinologist put me on Tamoxifen (20mg) for 2yrs.  Didn't help at all. 

Spoke with a local plastic surgeon this year about getting reduction surgery and he ordered a mammogram.  Had it done this morning. Not as uncomfortable as I was expecting but they had to do additional images of the left side which made me worry.  Never been through this before and the doctor came in after reviewing the images and was wondering why I was there.  Got the Radiology Report later in the day ......."The breasts are predominantly fatty, and there is no significant breast tissue.  There is no suspicious mass or distortion."  

That's a bit of a relief although I now know the surgery will likely NOT be covered by insurance.  I am annoyed at my doctors (primary care, urologist & endocrinologist) for not ordering a mammogram years ago.  With normal E1/E2 estrogen levels and no breast tissue, the 2yr course of Tamoxifen gave a false sense of hope for size reduction (not to mention the cost of the meds).

My prostate is currently around 40gr and PSA below 1.0 and I'm managing my BPH without surgery.  I'll try to lose about 20 lbs and see if that helps (I'm 5'11" and 194 lbs).  If not, I'll likely schedule reduction surgery in 2023.
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