Author Topic: Has anyone here actually made a significant change by losing weight?  (Read 13906 times)

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No difference in my 20s when I went from 5'10" at 230lbs to 160lbs. Worse if anything because I was thin with them and it made me feel worse about myself.

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As I previously replied, once you are overweight and have large breasts, no amount of weight loss will totally remove the tissue or the lax skin.  In fact, when you are thin, your breasts may appear proportionately more prominent.  Sorry, but those are the facts.

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I am 6'6 I was 328 and now I am 292 and my butt stayed big and my chest popped out now. Im now at full c cup
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hello , I lost about 40lbs down from 304 to  260 my breasts have sagged a bit, and I am now a full C cup .My Endo Dr told me that would happen and recommended a support bra, male breasts  can sag just like a womans breasts wishes .


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I'm about 3 weeks into weight loss myself.  I can't say how things will end up, but for now my chest isn't losing size nearly so fast as my 'band' size.  Maybe a 2-to-1 ratio or worse, I can't make good sense of the measurements yet.  I'm tracking my chest by making the 'a bra that fits' subreddit size calculator.
Considering the increased nipple and breast sensitivity and soreness as I went in to weight loss, I'd say that's pretty good evidence they're actually growing a bit...

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 I second the idea of a bra. When you lose weight, your breasts become more prominent. The bride will hold everything nicely in place, so no jiggling and nipping out. You will look and feel better 


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