Author Topic: Questions about Tamoxifen, any users with experience?  (Read 3326 times)

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Quite frankly I'm questioning my Endo's decision to put me on this. I was very limited in my choice of doctors because of my insurance.
I am definitely obese, over 30% body fat (6 ft 260). I had a blood test done and all my test/estrogen levels were normal and I have no thyroid issues. He then sent me for a mammogram and ultrasound. I was given the results on the spot. They said that there was no cancer and I had normal sized gland tissue, that it was mostly just fat tissue.
After the ultrasound he suggested that I try Tamoxifen.  I was against it at first but I figured I would give it a shot.  I have been on it for a week now and started getting curious about the drug.  I don't know a whole lot about SERM's...but from everything I've been reading it does not help pre-existing gynecomastia (had it since my teens, now in late 20s). And that being said I think what I have is considered pseudogynecomastia (no problem with the nipples just huge boobs). Does this drug even help with that? I feel like I've been put on a potentially dangerous med for something that it won't help.
I have read that it can help with the gyne you get during puberty, but I haven't seen anything that said it helps with pseudogynecomastia. This doc is damn near impossible to get a hold of and to see a different one is a long wait.
If anyone knows more about it or has any experience with it I would love to hear from you.

I have a consultation scheduled with Dr. "removed doctor" and want to lose some weight before/if I go through with the surgery, so in the mean time I was wondering if anyone has had any success with the Tamoxifen or if it would even benefit me in this situation?  Thanks in advance, any advice is appreciated.

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You have used a size of print that I am not able to read. 
Grandpa Dan

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I agree with Dan please resubmit your post with larger type so we can read it . Thank You!


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