Author Topic: Trey Jone's "Get this off my chest now" book  (Read 4342 times)

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I came across an exercise program targeted for people with psuedogynecomastia.  It includes a book "Get this off my Chest Now" and has a lot of nutritional and exercise information.

Im not sure how much of the information is reliable, and since I could not find any objective reviews for the package (39.99) I wanted to bring this to everyones attention and get your opinions. Thanks.

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unfortunately, I saw some ads for this thing on youtube and it had pictures for before and after following the program and these were actually taken from the pics on this website! So I would not waste my time, I don't think there is any "magical" nutritional info in there that you won't find anything else. And by the way SOMETIMES chest fat does not go away whatever you do. (I'm not talking about gland which will never go whatever you do).


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