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What have you done that works best for you, and you start to see good results?

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Low-Carb, High Protein... works everytime for me and those who I know that have done it. It takes a lot of willpower in the beginning but it works. First time, I lost 40 in 4 months. This last time I lost about 70 pounds in about 8 months, and I'm sticking to it for life this time since I did it for my surgery and I'm getting ready for the summer!
Triple Surgery done in Chandigarh, India (Jan 10, 2008):
1. Gynecomastia Surgery (simultaneously with #2)
2. Tonsillectomy
3. Septoplasty (5 days after #1 and 2)

3 lifelong problems wiped out in a flash of knives... Now recovering and excited beyond belief. :)

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Ive been eating right, good portions, and weight lifting. I weighed 180, around 161 now, in just about 1 1/2 months

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Make sure u eat average proportions (400cals) every three hours 5-6 times a day.
This will help you maintain (or even increase) your metabolism. Each meal should
have about 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat. This will help you burn fat and
feeding your muscles. Besides, you wont get any cravings (sugar crash/rush) so
is easier to stick to.

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A good thing to do is run at the gym or something about 30 mins a day..Take muscletech hydroxycuts they work really good.and eat right. u will drop the weight fastttt


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Low-Carb, High Protein... works everytime for me and those who I know that have done it. It takes a lot of willpower in the beginning but it works. First time, I lost 40 in 4 months. This last time I lost about 70 pounds in about 8 months, and I'm sticking to it for life this time since I did it for my surgery and I'm getting ready for the summer!

Wow 3 stones in 4 months?? thats good stuff! congrats!

Ive had a moment where I lost a healthy 2 pounds a week and came down from 16stones to 13st 5lb/s ... now im back to 14stones (the ups and downs of life eh)

Im back on dieting and gym again and want to reach 12 stones and call it quits and just maintain 12 stones forever hopefully!


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Since the second week in January I have gone from 317 lbs down to about 285 lbs.  One of the biggest changes was no soft drinks of any kind.  I only drink water.  I have also been doing calisthenics.  In regards to gynecomastia I have noticed a reduction in the size.  Especially the sides.  It really is just the fat around the area.

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Im the kind of person who could eat nearly anything without gaining wait, but it had to stop at some point.
I started gaining alot of belly fat and realized i had to change my lifestyle.

I follow this diet atm. and it works fine for me.

12.00 Gerilja Cardio (High intensity interval training)
12.30 Breakfast with around 5 peaces of bread with cheese or whatever.
17.00 Dinner. (usualy fish or meat)
21.00 Last meal of the day. 2 peaces of bread.

Before i started eating as little as i do now i only ate candy and drank LOTS of Coca Cola EVERY damn day.
I've completely cut out ALL sorts of unhealthy food and such, but i eat pizza once a week :P

Coke replaced with Water
Candy replaced with fruit.

This week i lost 6,6lbs which is good for me since im not really that fat, but i really want a sixpack.

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I have been following the Abs diet since December. I am down 50lbs and have found it easy to stay on.  The diet is really just a sensible eating play.  Cut out the  bad carbs, lean protein, high fiber, lots of smoothies......

I also exercise like I am possessed.  I hit the gym Mon thru Fri for 2 hours, and weekends for an an hour each day.  Good mix of cardio and weights.

Highly recommend the Abs diet book.

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Started my diet in about April, but I didnt eat right...I ate stuff that was bad but at that time I cut out all the sugars, snacks, etc. So The weight lost in April was 0....Then starting May I started eating 5 times a day, and cut out all sugars, fat, oil, snacks, etc....started eating lots of good food, lots of vegetables, drank lots of water...and since May to June I lost 7lb...Since June to now I lost another 4lb...about 11lb all in total...Im not happy with this, I am proud I lost weight but I wanted to lose at least 20lb in 2 months...

The main reason I didnt lose much more is because I am on vacation in europe, I have no access to the gym, and you wont believe how lame the food is in easter europe, the food itself tastes great but buying things like whole wheat toast, bread, rice, etc is impossible I dont think they even have whole wheat anything...I only ran into a cereal thats whole wheat, and they have no Fiber rich cereals and stuff....terrible...

I cant wait to come back to home (NYC) and start hitting up the gym again 2 hours daily and running for 30 mins....agh cant wait! My goal is to drop another 30lb by december...basically drop all the fat on my body!
Lose 10 (kg) by August... Achieved
Lose 5 (kg) by Mid-September.....Achieved
Gain 20 (lb) in Muscle by December.......Achieved, Gained 24lb in Muscle
Gynecomastia Consultation October 17, 08......Complete

Surgery Completed January 8th, 2009 with Dr. Elliot Jacobs in NYC!

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Whoa there are great recommendations above. I will add some tips that work for me:

- I love Eggs whites (1 cup) with .5 cups of salsa and a tortilla ; french toast (bread, egg whites, splenda and cinnamon); low fat cottage cheese with low calorie strawberry jam and protein mix (vanilla).
- I count my calories on a daily basis using an application to track net calories and weight loss.

-I also have a heart rate monitor when I am at the gym. I try to stay around my target heart rate (150-160) while doing cardio and when I hit the weight I try to keep going by ensuring that I am always over 100.

-  I try to have protein almost = the carbs and fat reasonable low. I eat a multi vitamin per day.
- I eat flavoured canned tuna (e.i. Tomato and onions or thai flavour) is easy to have at work as an extra snack with a unsweetened fruit pack (e.i. Motts);
- I have rice cakes Handy or air popped popcorn or a diet soft drink
- I make protein shakes (2 cups of low fat soy milk with a serving of protein) before and after the gym
- I try to avoid; bread, pasta and high sugar/fat desserts. I only eat pasta in lean cuisine lunches or dinners.
- I try to eat very light snacks after 8pm.
- I started adding conditioning exercises to my routine slowly; e.i. I started with only 3 sets of 1 exercise per body part 3 times per week because adding too many excercises would have discouraged me. I started cardio at about 10 minutes and added 5 minutes each week until I got to 30 minutes. Then I add resistance to the cardio machine.
- I don't overdo the cardio; 30-35 minute sessions are fine.
- On days that I do not go to the gym I walk at least 20 minutes; at work I try to use the stairs as frequenly as possible.
- Lastly when I do weight training I try to add more effort to training my legs and back as they are the largest muscle areas (the bigger the more calories I burn).
- Lastly I try not to buy products that have sugar listed on the 1,2 or 3 ingredient.
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Simolar to what some have said previously, I'm eting 6 times a day, doing SSCV 6 times a week for 45 minutes,  and weight training 3 times a week.

Maintainance calories (at the minute) for me are around 2800-2900, and I'm eating ~2100, split into:

Breakfast: Protein, carbs, fat, fruit.
Meal 2: Protein, fat, veg/salad
Meal 3: Protein, carbs, fat, Veg
              PWO shake
Meal 4: Protein, carbs, fat, Veg
Meal 5: Protein, fat, veg/salad
Meal 6: Protein, fat, veg/salad

I don't need to do anything too strenuous after work, so I don't see the point of carbs after I finish. If It's a weights day I also have a banana ~40 min before, and 30g Maltodextrin, 40g protein in the form of generic unbranded whey.

I'm down from ~240lb to 205lb so far in less than 4 months. I'd like to drop another ~18lb, then slowly increase my cals and gain some decent muscle mass.

For the last ~4 weeks I've stayed the same weight but lost 3" from round my stomach (measured 1cm below the naval), which tells me I've been dropping fat AND gaining some lean mass.

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lime is correct.

I agree.
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I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. The meds had helped me suppress urges to ear bad food and made lifestyle changes.

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I tried atkin diet (proteint/fat) and I exercised with Indoor cycling for 40 mins everyday, ate healthy food etc.
I used to weight 210 lbs before, but now i weight 175lbs.


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