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Hello All,

I recently (past ~4 months) have developed minor unilateral gynecomastia from unknown reasons. I'm 20 years old and fairly thin (5'7" 130lbs.) I've long passed puberty and am able to grow a full beard/have body hair. I'm not incredibly fit or active. I don't eat much/have much of an appetite. I don't have any sexual dysfunctions. I've never taken steroids.

Over the past year I've been diagnosed with low testosterone. My total testosterone has fluctuated between 212-400. This range is a lot lower than it should be for a male my age. I understand hormonal imbalance can cause gynecomastia.
I've met with my urologist on several occasions and he hasn't been much help.

I'm having a tough time researching similar situations online. It seems most people who have gynecomastia developed it at a young age, have had it for a long time, and were/are overweight. This is not my case.

What can be done for someone like me? Is surgery the only option?

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Since your gyne is relatively recent origin, there is the possibility that hormonal or other treatment may improve the situation.  Suggest a visit to an endocrinologist to assess your overall endocrine status and possibly treat with estrogen blocker medication or aromatase inhibitors.

Best of luck!

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