Author Topic: 3 WEEKS POST OP - IS MY NIPPLE FALLING OFF???  (Read 2051 times)

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i had surgery 3 weeks ago, lipo with excision. today was the first day i didnt have to wear my vest and was going to start massaging. unfortunately i have noticed that my left areola, where the stitches were, seems to have come loose. i can lift up the bottom half of the areola slightly, almost roll it up. and under the areola it is white.

it seems like there is a small gap between the bottom of the areola and the skin.

it is also puffy.

im concerned, does this seem serious?


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sounds like your incision may have come open. I'd see your surgeon ASAP

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he cant go to his surgeon unless he travels 900 miles . just go see your gp mate . take him or her your discharge letter off of dr clark .


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