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Hello All

A long time since I've posted in here - but feeling pretty down at the moment, so thought I'd come to the only place where people might understand.

I had Gynaecomastia since I was about 13, and lived/suffered with it until I was about 27 when i decided to go and see my GP. Long story short, he said he'd do some blood tests and see if it can be corrected medically, and if not then he'd put me in for surgery. 18 months of blood tests later, and I was referred to a surgeon who said he'd do the surgery. I got a surgery date, and a pre-op date. I did the pre-op, then 4 days before the surgery was supposed to take place the NHS pulled the plug and said they won't fund it. As I couldn't bare to be so close to having this corrected and have it taken away from me, I went to the bank and took out a £4,000 loan and had the surgery done privately.

I am, and have been, much happier than I was - and felt more confident having had it done. Since then (October 2014) i have had corrective surgery in November 2015, during which they just did liposuction to remove some excess fat. However, I have recently started to feel conscious of it again, and the reason is that before surgery the gynaecomastia pushed my chest out at the front, but since then the excess skin that obviously didn't have the elasticity to sit tight on my chest is now sagging down at the side. So I've just gone from one problem to a new one! It bounces up and down as I walk too, whereas I was hoping/expecting to have a firm chest. I have been back to surgeon who did it, but he says that what I paid for was the breast tissue to be removed - which is what he's done, so I can't really argue with that. 

Now, I know that my current body shape isn't actually that bad in comparison with other people, or in comparison with how I used to look - however, having spent £4,000 and not having the problem fully rectified is very depressing. I don't think it is fat, as the rest of me is in fairly good shape (I like a beer and burger as much as the next guy, so not claiming to be ripped, but I don't have excess skin or fatty deposits anywhere else) and the rest of my chest is solid and firm - it is just around the nipple where it sags down to the side. Because of this, I don't think dieting will make a difference, and my diet is fairly good anyway - so feel like my only option is even more surgery to have the excess skin removed (but I'm told this will result in heavy scarring), or going to the gym and building muscle in my chest the fill the excess skin with muscle. Is there anything else? Steroid injection? Pills? ANYTHING!? I still find myself just walking around feeling like I'm being gawped at, and also looking at other men thinking "God, you don't know how lucky you are!"

Does anybody have any advice, or similar experience following surgery? I have attached a couple of pre-surgery photos, and then a couple of how I look now.

Thanks in advance, and any advice would be hugely appreciated!

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I looked at your before and after photos.  Both look like your BMI (Body Mass Index) is pretty high.  I realize that many people like beer and burgers, many other unhealthy things for you too.  You may need to forego many of those treats until you drop your BMI and weight so you can really tell what is causing you body form.  My guess is it is more fat the glands.  You don't say if glands were removed or how much lipo was done.  My suggestion would be to lose as much weight as possible to see what you can do before committing to further surgery.  Gyno surgery is not a solution for unhealthy weight and eating habits.  Try going to the gym, maybe enlisting the help of a professional trainer to guide you as you lose weight.  Probably a lot cheaper and less painful than surgery.


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