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Hello everyone- 

Have a few questions for you guys. I have always been self conscious about my gyeno- probably since i was 15-16. I am almost 26 now. I went under the knife in 2011, and all it did was make my problem worse. My left pectoral was slightly bigger than my right side. Doc ended up taking to much fat out. My left nipple now sits lower than my chest muscle, and looks folded over. No definition what so ever. Even after working out for 6-8 months it still looks off. It is now summer again, and I am still embarrassed to take my shirt off. This problem has been following me for 10+ years. I have not gone back and spoke to the doc, but I  am not getting older, found a nice girl, and embarrassed to take my shirt off. I have avoided going anywhere where i might have to take my shirt off. 
It is getting to the point of depression. Can you guys recommend some things i can do? Would botox or a filler be helpful? It would not take much, i just need to get a little boost so my nipple does not sit way below my pectoral muscle. The right one looks just fine. Please help! 

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First, it would be helpful if you would post some photos so we could view what the problem is.

Second, it would be worthwhile to return to your surgeon to discuss the issue.  And, it might be worth your while to seek another opinion from an expert in gyne surgery.  It is possible that revision surgery might be helpful -- or not.

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