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It seems like everyone on this forum sees a picture and immediately says "oh, yea that's gyne, go get surgery" or "oh it's not bad, but if it bothers you, go get surgery"...

in regards to pills such as 'diet aid of questionable value'.. i was reading the site, it's FDA approved and has been clinically tested... obviously results vary, but why would it have such a high sale rate and such a low rate of return? I noticed a few of you said "yea i tried the pills, NO results after a month"... well according to the site, it takes time and dedication to see results. Obviously if you pig out and hope the pills will solve your problems it still wont' work, same as a diet pill woudln't work if you don't diet and exersize. While I don't know personally if it does or doesn't work, it must work for the majority of people who get it, otherwise there would be more people not vouching for it.

Seems like this whole website just stresses surgery is only way to go!... I can understand how no amount of exercise can get rid of breast *tissue*, it can get rid of the excess fat right? I mean, i see people post pictures and say "oh do i have gyne?" when they are obviously overweight/obese... I think of gyne as something you can't get rid of yourself, ie the excess breast *tissue*.

Maybe i'm rambling, but i just find it humorous that you guys are so stubborn as to claim surgery is the only way to go, when I've been reading different things on other websites/forums.

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I beg to differ.  There is a section on this site headed ACCEPTANCE.  and as it states ... This is a place for the men that have come to accept or even celebrate their breasts to exchange information and support.

I accept that the vast majority of sufferers want to rid themselves of what we regard as an affliction and experience has shown that once glandular gyne has set in for over a year then no drugs or alternative therapies have been found to shift it.  You can call us cynical but experience has shown that every few months a “new product” comes out claiming to fix the problem without surgery.  So far every one of these has failed and in the process has often taken the hard earned cash from people who have more in life to do than waste it.

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It seems like everyone on this forum sees a picture and immediately says "oh, yea that's gyne, go get surgery" or "oh it's not bad, but if it bothers you, go get surgery"...

How about you look around and do a search before making assumptions. Plenty of people post here with the board telling them nothing is wrong with their chest.

How do you know it's truly FDA and clinically tested? How do you know it has a high sales rate? How do you know it has a low rate of return? I can make a site about my Vitamin A product and claim it cures down syndrome while being clinically tested, but that doesn't mean it's true.

Some of the people on this site happen to be fat and guess what? They're told they need to lose weight if that's the source of their problem. You do know you can be fat and have a real case of gynecomastia, right? Some people on here happen to be skinny and they're told nothing is wrong with them as well. However, there are a good portion of people here who do have gynecomastia and need help. It seems like your gimmick is to tell everyone that those pills might work. Well, they don't. I don't know what website or forum you've been on, but they either consist of two things, 1.) fake reviews, or 2.) people who don't have true gynecomastia and lost chest fat on those pills (since those pills are probably for weight loss).
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...Obviously if you pig out and hope the pills will solve your problems it still wont' work, same as a diet pill woudln't work if you don't diet and exersize....

You said it...  Diet pills only work if you eat right and exercise...  Get it?
I lost 40 lbs by diet and exercise alone.  Didn't need any freakin' diet pills for that. 

Sorry dude. 

Anyway, here's the truth: 

All those products are just diet pills that market themselves to gynecomastia sufferers.   Problems:
1.  Gland is not fat and does not respond to diet or exercise.  It's a body organ that must be removed by surgery.
2.  Diet and exercise can't remove fat from specific areas of the body, so even with diet and exercise you may lose fat  from the abdomen and legs, but not from the chest.   


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look b4 anything,10955.msg79084.html#new
my case diet didnt work
look dude i was trying anything EXCEPT the surgery and for a while i saw a post of a member claiming that members who enter here get a brainwash  ;D
dude i was thinking in this but really it was wrong
there is no thing to get rid out of gyne except the surgery. i went to a doctor and he told me maybe he inject it with myzoderm but he told me that he couldnt get 100% guaranteed
the only way 2 get 100% is the surgery  >:(

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  • Selling rocks for surgery bitches.
Im 90% positive this guy works for a site selling pills, and is coming on here saying they're reputable to bring in revenue. Obviously we trust someone on the forum more than a pop-up ad. It's a good but tricky marketing idea it seems like.

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If pills worked, we would not all be on here spending several upon several thousands of dollars for surgery. Case closed.
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I used Soltamox to treat my Gynecomastia and it seemed to work.

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Rackets preying on the weak to make money. You can change the word gynecomastia to other names, but it is the same racket. There are so called pills to make breast go away and pill to make breast bigger. Same scam.  

Frame of mind goes along way in dealing with gynecomastia. No one really cares except for the man with the boobs. Yes there are people that try to make themselves look better by putting down others. This problem is larger than gynecomastia.

Personally I work outside a lot in a hot humid climate. I wear thin moisture wicking shirts to stay cool and drier.  My nipples prominently poke out all the time.  I get looks from both men and women.  Get called Ma'am on occasion. But no one really cares including me.  Why should I beat myself up about having gynecomastia. Frame of mind.

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Well said Herbert... the problem is more between our ears than on our chests.  That is why acceptance can be so challenging.  We have to come to terms with our personal demons before we can really find acceptance.  It is important work and really touches many areas of our lives... not simply the fact we have fleshy chests... estrogen doing its thing.  It is good to have support for that journey and it is available from men in the Acceptance threads.


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Diet pills creams and so forth aren’t gonna do Jack. When I first began growing I tried a few and yeah it was pointless no forum or article I read showed anything other than disappointment in my attempt to find others who things may have worked for. 
Also this site is far from go get surgery perhaps in this one particular sub section but more than not this year especially has become more encouraging to wear bras blouses and such. Go to the accepted section and find many men who have accepted their breasts whatever size it may be and have embraced wearing a bra whether it be for under wire or sports for support or conceal. There’s a lot of threads here that will advocate against surgery and speak loudly for living with them. 
Sadly as many as there are that see the flattest of chests and go you need surgery there are 10 more past and present here who see flat chest and go omg you need a bra you have female breasts. 
This forum is a treasure trove for acceptance of both surgery and enjoyably living with. Just pick the side you want 


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I'd say the last three responses were spot on.  Thanks guys.  My feelings exactly.
 See, there is a lot of wisdom here. 

Hope all your questions were answered.


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