Author Topic: Is the andractim from ALLSAINTS real?  (Read 6048 times)

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Is this stuff real or a sham? Anyone try it? I am trying to get some. anyone know any other places? thanks

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Anytime a product uses "testimonials" you should be suspicious.

This site will not help you.

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  • 06/04/2005.
It looked real enough when I got it, but it did f*ck all for me.

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Yes, I agree. ALLSAINTS website did look too infomercial-like to be reputable. Surely a scam.

Jigglypuff you can save the sales pitch. That isn't any help to anyone here.

Anyone know of a place to get ANDROGEL. I suppose to be absolutely sure of authenticity you need a perscription right? My doctor is of the belief that observation is the best course of action. I really want to try a pharmacological approach first, then I will consider surgery.

Any tips on shopping for doctors that will perscribe and monitor some sort of hormone treatment ( i.e. tamoxifen, clomiphene citrate, dht gel.... etc.)?
Thanks, bjk

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Nooooo!!!!  It is awsome, love it, it is the best.  Wanna buy my full second tube and the little bit left in the first?  Reeeeeaaallllll cheap!   ;D
I got one sweet breast.  Grrrr.


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Read the heading very carefully.  The scam they talk about may be them.

I could not find anywg=here the actual testosterone level in their product.  They talk about gel & they talk about testosterone but never in the same sentence with the name of their product.

It probably has no testosterone in it.



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