Author Topic: Anyone Have a Mammogram?  (Read 2683 times)

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This question is probably more applicable to the middle age and older members; have you had a mammogram or has your doctor suggested that you have one?  My primary care physician has suggested one just so that we can have a base line.  He has examined my chest and confirmed the gynecomastia, like I didn’t already know that.  He said men are still at a much lower risk than women even though gynecomastia increases their risk by something like 5 times.

My wife found this very amusing since she hates mammograms.  She said it is like having your breasts pressed into a vice and told not to move.  I think my “B” cups should be less of a problem than her “D” cups.  That still isn’t much consolation when I go to the “Women’s Breast Center” for the mammogram.

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Yes, and it is important.  "While men do not commonly have breast cancer, it is fatal more often than not because it is generally ignored until too late.  
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I've had 2 mammograms over the last 5 years and one ultrasound on my breast. Just before I left doing my medical at the U of MN I had both the 1st mammogram and ultrasound done then I transferred to the Minneapolis VA and later had the 2nd mammogram.

I'm a 46H and yes they do hurt but only for a while, not that big of a deal and worth getting done!

Good luck!


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my mammogram was alittle uncomfortable but not a big deal.  it was awkward mostly because the female technician was so apologetic and sensitive to the procedure - although she was sweet and kind, and that helped me feel more comfortable and respect her more.  the ultrasound wasn't a big deal - she was a seasoned technician and it was all routine.  I felt really uncomfortable going in, and came out feeling more ok, like it was more common than I expected, and everyone was really nice about it. 
it's an important thing to have, I hope everyone needing these procedures gets them and has a comfortable experience. 

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The male breast cancer rate is approximately 1% that of women.  The studies I read indicated a fatality rate per 1000 cases is approximately the same as women.  Men's breast cancers are likely to be somewhat more advanced as they are usually not found until felt as a lump or seen as affecting shape or lactation.  Also, the rate of breast cancer for those with gynecomastia is the same as those without it.  However, data is thin and studies are few.  None of my docs have ever suggested mammogram.  The thing to remember is that radiation itself is a risk and causes some cancers.  As that is based on percentage x-rayed that makes the mans rate of mammogram caused problems 100x that of women per cancer found.  That is why it isn't suggested as a regular practice. That is why it isn't suggested as a regular practice, as far as what I have read.

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As Paa_Paw said, they are important. I only had a mammasonography, and this was to determine my fat/gland ratio prior to my surgery, but in older age I would suggest them.


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