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I got my gyno from finasteride use...after I get my surgery can I still take finasteride or no?  What if I supplement the finasteride with Clomid? or another anti estrogen?

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If it developed from finasteride, I see no reason why it won't return with further use.  I don't know what finasteride is, but if it's vital that you take it, I suggest finding a supplement that is not known for having affects such as gynecomastia development.
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Finasteride is marketed under several other names.  It is used in drugs to help prevent male pattern baldness and in drugs to supress testosterone in men with prostate problems and tumors which are testosterone dependent.

We hear from men regularly who have had breast growth and diminished libido as a result of using finasteride even in very low dosages.  

How you take this information depends upon the reason for taking this drug.  If it is to supress a tumor, You learn to live with it.

If you are taking the drug to prevent baldness, I'd really rather be bald.  In fact,  I am!
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