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Is it possible to manipulate where your gyne is on your chest. For example, If I wanted to work my upper pecs, woukd it push the gyne down. Or if I worked out lower chest, would the gyne move up? Or does it move at all? After looking at some of the pictures of the members here, i'd say I have a mild case of gyne. I don't have a camera right now but ill try to get some pics up as soon as I can. Thanks..

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the only thing u can try to do is upper chest more so than any other chest exercise.  but it wont get rid of gyne.  doing flat bench or lower chest will push out the gyne.

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I agree, with incline chest exercise you can help disguise the gyne but you can't get rid of it unless you have the surgery. I did incline more so than any exercise and yes it did help reduce the appearance of gyne.


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