Author Topic: Compression vest not tight enough  (Read 2297 times)

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My compression vest which used to feel tight around the chest doesnt feel that tight around the chest as before. But its very tight around the waist and tummy area. Its almost 4 weeks since my opertion.

I still have some swelling left. So should i go for tighter vests or is it something which everybody experiences post-op.

Please advise.


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I have the exact same problem and I am 4 weeks today...i bought under-armour to put under it but didn't help I have to wear a vest until the swelling completely subsides cause it doesn't make much improvement each week

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no answer, just a few more questions.  how bad did your swelling get, what brand vest, what materials/ratio is it made of, has the swelling gone down at least some for you? 
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