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You hear from every plastic surgeon that surgery is the only way it will go away. On many other medical websites it says that it will often resolve on its own over time and only scar tissue will remain. I don’t understand why so many sites would say that. I have a mild condition and was told by 3 plastic surgeons I’m not ready for surgery yet and that I should just learn to live with what I have and if it gets worse I could consider surgery. 

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It is good to remember this is not a disease that requires medical intervention.  Breast development is a function of shifts in the hormonal balance in our bodies.  If you were paying attention in the gym when you were taking phys ed courses in high school you would know that there are many different shapes of human bodies.  The balance between testosterone and estrogen, BOTH OF WHICH are found in EVERY body, will have an impact on shape and tone.

It is acknowledged that one of the "causes" of gynecomastia is AGING, which tells us that as we get older the hormonal balance in our bodies changes... that for men it means diminishing testosterone which allows estrogen to have a greater influence.  You can pretty much count on the fact you have little control over getting older.  We watch those people who are desperate to remain young do horrible things to their bodies with plastic surgery.  Yes, it is good to do everything we can to maintain our health, but fighting with mother nature is a losing proposition.

These doctors are encouraging you to appreciate the body you have and only consider surgery "if it gets worse..."  Since that assessment is entirely between your ears it is always subject to change.  Sometimes the best thing we can do is learn to accept ourselves AS WE ARE and to care for ourselves the best we can.  Trying to meet some culturally defined standard of what it means to "be a man" can be a fools errand.  Relax, you don't have cancer and you don't need medical intervention.

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If we could count up all the money spent on trying for a "barbie doll figure", we could most likely pay off the national debt. 
42C is correct, and accepting what one has been dealt is the better option. Of course that can be reassessed at a later date if things keep growing. 
That pretty much sounds like what they doctors are saying too.
90% of the world seem unhappy about their appearance, but I look around and don't see that. I just see individuals, all different, and all unique in their own way. 
When life gives you curves,
flaunt them! 💃


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