Author Topic: Could G. be provoked in order to harass sb.?  (Read 2532 times)

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I'm 47. I've been diagnosed two years ago.

Gynecomastia coincided with serious work and other kind problems.

One month and a half BEFORE being diagnosed and having any symptom I heard in a bar: "Hey, It's funny, that guy gonna grow breasts!"

It might be a coincidence. I had just finished a treatment that could result in G. (but there was not certainty).

I have two questions:

- Has anyone ever heard something like that has happened?

- What kind of substance could provoke it (in a short time)?      
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It sounds as if you're being paranoid.

Gyno could be intentionally caused in somebody. If someone was in close proximity to you and slipped estrogen in your food on a regular basis or something like that.

However I doubt this is what happened to you, since you said yourself you has just undergone a treatment that's side effects include gyno.

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What was the nature of the work?

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I was a teacher in a Secondary school. Work problems (with other teachers) ended in a forced psychiatric internment and there I had been on (2nd generation, low risk) neuroleptics.

But also collisions with criminal gangs.
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