Author Topic: Did anyone's Gyno start in their 20's?  (Read 2548 times)

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I realized I had this about a month ago, and I am 23 years old.  I had it when I was 14 as well, but I was one of the lucky ones and it disappeared after a month or so.

I was wondering if anyone else's started growing in their 20's and if they could give me an idea of what to expect.  I am thin, and all I have right now is puffy nipples from the gland and a little bit of fat around them.  I would like to know how quickly this progresses in general.

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I had it in my teens and then in my late teens it went, flat as a board. Nice chest.  Came back in my early 20s and then got a lot worse in my late 20s. Just had surgery, Im 31.


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