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Hey I had my surgery on the 1st November exactly one week ago, all is going well but I have saved up a list of questions to ask my surgeon all at once but when I tried to call this morning I was informed that he is actually on leave and won't be back for another week. Therefore I am here once again to see if anyone out here can answer my questions one by one for me. It would be greatly appreciated !

Question 1

The procedure consisted of gland excision ONLY and no liposuction was needed due to my very very mild case and my lean athletic figure, my question is, does one who had no liposuction heal quicker than one who did ? eg. can I go back to exercising in 3 weeks instead of the 6 weeks which most surgeon recommend for patients who had both liposuction AND gland excision ?

Question 2

It's been 7 days since my operation and I feel great, my chest is completely flat, (I haven't seen nipple yet due to the micro pore tape on the wound.), I've had absolutely NO swelling / bruising / discoloration / fluid build up. Does that mean I'm healing well? Or can the above mentioned symptoms happen even after the first week, eg, 2-4 weeks post surgery ?

Question 3

Should I take the micropore tape off the wound now ? My surgeon recommended me to take it off after a week but he also recommended me to only wear my compression vest for 1 week when 99% of other surgeons are recommending 3-4 weeks minimum. So I just wanted to double check.

Question 4

After the compression vest has come off in 2-3 weeks from now, I'll start working out pretty much at the same time, should I or should I not have my compression vest on during workouts ? What would happen if I wear / not wear the vest during ?

Question 5
Is there signs that tell you the compression vest has been on for a long enough period of time and that you can have it off ? Or is there no indications at all and people just take it off after 3-4 weeks because they were told to ?

Question 6

Can I train my legs 2 weeks post surgery provided that during the workout I am not feeling any pain in my chest ?

Question 7

Surgeons recommend to wait a good 5-6 weeks post surgery before you do any back/chest exercises, but if I feel like I am healed and feel absolutely no pain in my chest area 3 weeks post operation, am I allowed to go back and try it out and see how it feels ? Provided that if there is ANY pain at all what so ever I will stop and turn around and go home.

Question 8

Do scar tissue / bruising happen from training ? I've come across thousands of pages on the internet of people saying their chest looked excellent post surgery but however when they returned to the gym their chests start swelling & developing scar tissue.

Question 9

Alot of people often mistaken their scar tissue post surgery as gyno recurrence, when does this normally happen ? 2/3/4/5/6 weeks post surgery ? It's just that so far my chest is looking flat as ever and that there is no sign of scar tissue, and I was just wondering if I'm in the clear or has that time of scar tissue being developed not come yet for me.

Thank you SO MUCH for your time !

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I will Try and answer this to the best i can:

1) Everyone heals diffrently some quicker then other's this all depends on your body, Go back to excercise when you feel ready and when you feel ready start of very small and on low weights and build it back up over time.. I personally Was back in the gym within 3weeks of surgery and i have excision and a tad of liposuction.

2) Your very early post op. Scar tissue is more then likley to develop but again everyone's diffrent.

3) I would go with what your surgeon say's he/she know's best although i wore my vest for 1 week then took it off and would were it now and again of a night time.

4) Dont wear your vest during work out and if you decide you want to which will no be needed keep it very loose as you dont want to slow down your fast blood circulation during exercise. But remember if weight training start of very light as if you have never done so before.

5) There is no signs or no correct time to be honest everyone says something diffrent only you will no when you ready to be honest.

6)I would say you can but depends on yourself again.

To some it all up most of your question's depend on the individual only you can truly no when your ready.





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