Author Topic: $4500 total cost for Lipo only?  (Read 2559 times)

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Had a consult recently, and the price was quoted at $4500 total (PS fee, center fee, and anasthesia...). I'm thin, the big problem I have is puffy nipples, I don't have any pics to show, but they are not hard at all, just puff out and feels like only soft tissue underneath. Does this seem like a reasonable price for the surgery which will be lipo only? And does this surgery seem right for me?
I wasn't sure what I was expecting for the price, it just seems like more than I was thinking.

The PS did bring up excision, but said for my case that lipo should take care of it.

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well if you have puffy nipples i wouldnt even be considering Lipo only.  Have any pictures? I think in advance that you have glands that need excising.


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Do you think we could get a sticky up for a lipo only thread? It seems to be the biggest source of pre op confision and post op heartache on here.  Merle ? GB ?

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Lipo only surgeries have a very low percentage of satisfying results. Be careful. Especially since you are a skinny guy. Get a second opinion. I have never heard of a skinny guy getting just lipo and being pleased with the results. Maybe it is just fat but do not waste your money. If you think gyne is depressing try giving your savings to someone and still having it.


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