Author Topic: Expert on Gynecomastia Causes/reformation of Gynecomastia after Surgery-NEEDED!!  (Read 5825 times)

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If you are someone that is very knowledgeable in the subject of Gynecomastia ie - senior members, doctors, ect. -
Reply to this thread with as much ACCURATE Information as possible on the subjects of -

*Causes of Gynecomastia

*Reformation of Gynecomastia after Surgery
      -Hormonal Imbalances
      -Marijuana Use
      -Steroid Use
      -Weight Gain

(if you are not a senior member or a doctor but you do have ACCURATE information on these subjects, feel free to reply to this thread. ALSO, if you have other questions related to this topic, feel free to ask them on this Thread)-.

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    * Puberty,
    * Genetic disorders,
    * Steroid use,
    * Tumours,
    * Medication side effects,
    * Obesity,
    * Effects of aging,
    * Excessive marijuana use.


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Whether you can be helped depends a lot on the underlying cause. If steroid or drug use is behind the gynecomastia, it will come back as long as you keep using the substances.

If it’s genetic, the treatment tends to be more successful.

For more information on this condition, check out

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i assume you sort of answered your own question?  you can find a lot on this even with google, as in enough to keep you reading for a long time. 

(and probably cleaning the browse history, if you're on a family computer) 
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