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Hello im 20 yrs old and i cant live liek this much longer. its killing me mentaly and socialy. i am a very social person and im always out and about,they never use to bother me untill we where all having drinks and somone starting giving me a hard time about it... i hate hot days where i cant wear a sweater. im too poor for surgery but i was hoping somone could give me some feed back on these gels i have ran across. i havnt been to adoctor about it, maybe its a hormone thing? been getting depresed latly and they seem to get bigger. they deffinatly go up and down in size i dont care what any of you say, they are at thier biggest i have ever experienced today. with my old bad drug habbits i would notice them getting smaller along wiht my weight but they would stop at a certain point... im a heaver drinker and recently quit smoking, what can i do? surgery cant be the only option, im sure all the surgens here will tell you it is, and no living wiht it is not an option, i dont even have sex as often becasue my head is so screwed around by it... sorry to seem angry but i am very depresed and fustrated

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Maybe you can't afford surgery right now, but can you get some free or cheap counseling?  If you're in college see if your school has some counseling services available or maybe your city or town has some resources you could use?  Once you feel a bit more in control you'll have an easier time finding ways to resolve issues you have with your appearance.


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well i am willing to try an myths about it...

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You should know right now that even surgery might not fix it. Don't start saving up only to be told you had false expectations about surgery. Most people won't even bother to tell you of the problems surgery might cause so I advise you check up on them very carefully.

this is true of any surgery...there's always should also know there are plenty of people happy with the finished product, they just don't stick around and keep saying how happy they are..whereas the people left with undesired results stick around for support..

also be aware that most plastic surgeons will do a free revision if the finished product isn't what was to have surgery twice, but not a lost cause if the first time around does not do it (which in most cases does do it)


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