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Hi all

First post here!😃

Essentially, I went for a cancer check up a few months ago and the doctor confirmed that (what I always thought) I have mild benign gynocomastia.

So have thought about it and decided to get it removed, I work out a fair bit and it has always bothered me somewhat, even though I'm in pretty decent shape overall!

Anyway, looking for some surgeon recommendations in the UK - who's the best at this kind of thing here?? Currently I'm considering going to see Dr "removed doctor" in NYC as he seems to do quite a few cases similar to mine, with good results, however does seem a bit OTT travelling halfway across the world to get this sorted!

Thanks in advance


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Only you can decide where to have your surgery.  One word of advice:  take your time and seek an expert in this surgery.  This forum is full of posts of guys who  chose a surgeon based on the lowest fee.  Sometimes it turns out fine -- but many times there are sad stories that ensue.  And then revision surgery by an expert is needed -- at additional cost.

I have many patients from around the world and in the US who fly in for surgery.  If you are interested in an online evaluation, send me a PM.

Dr Jacobs
Dr. Jacobs 
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Based on what I'm reading on this forum, there are a few good Doctors in UK. Why don't you take a look at the UK section on this forum:

If, for any reason, you decide you want to have your surgery done specifically in New York, you don't want to choose anybody else except Dr Jacobs.

Good luck!


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