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I don't know why I hadn't thought of looking to see what the Merck Online has to say about gynecomastia.  But I checked tonight and was surprised by the information provided.  Thought I'd share the website.  There's lots of good information, some of which I had never seen.

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The article is informative, but for our purposes we generally do not distinguish between what they call true and pseudo-Gynecomastia.

The effects are rarely physical while the emotional impact is great. In either case the impact is the same and the treatment is the same unless there is an underlying disease of which the gynecomastia was a symptom.
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The following is the definition of Gynecomastia from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary...

Main Entry: gy·neco·mas·tia
Pronunciation: \ˌgī-nə-kō-ˈmas-tē-ə\
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, from gynec- + Greek mastos breast + New Latin -ia
Date: 1881

: excessive development of the 'breast' in the male.

The definition states that G is 'Excessive development of the breast in the male'. It doesn't say excessive development of the 'Gland' in the male... The human 'breast', be it male or female, consists of both Glandular tissue and Adipose (fatty) tissue... The 'ratio' of the two, depend on the individual...

The term 'Pseudo-Gynecomastia', in my opinion, is incorrect... All human males have mammary glands... so to say that one has 'Pseudo-G' because they think that it is just 'fat' tissue, is completely wrong... If a woman's breasts were mainly adipose tissue, would we call them 'Pseudo-Breasts' ???

Gynecomastia IS NOT exclusive to mammary gland tissue...

Anyways... as Grandpa Dan mentioned, no matter what 'type', or how 'severe' the G is, the psychological pain is all the same...

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