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This is gonna seem kinda silly, but I think gyne should be broken down further into more descriptive types besides 'fatty' and 'glandular'.

For example:
There's 'puffy' which is an otherwise flat chest with slightly puffy nipples.

Then there's the 'coney' which is most people have I think, just a hard glandular cone maybe a inch or two thick.  'Traffic cone' if its bigger than that.

Then theres 'pancakes' which are the flappy kind that hang down on one's side.  And 'droopy' etc etc.

With a classification system, it might be easier to identify what kinds of surgery worked well with what kinds of gyne, and maybe could give people a better starting point for giving advice.

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That is a good idea. Maybe we need to expand the vocabulary a bit. Everyone has a slightly different case than the other. So more classifications then just puffy and fatty would be a little more helpful. Any information we can add would be great. But, the people that come here need to do some research as there are tons of old posts to reflect on. Take some time and study/figure out what they have and best treatment options.

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you're also forgetting the gyno almost every guy has.

very tiny amount of unnoticeable gland behinde nips and fiborous fatty type around.  they don't look like girl boobs, but some people have too much and make their chest out of proportion.

this is what i had.

if u have a case like this then u can shrink the outside fiborous dispersed gland on your own with anti-estrogens.. which i did.


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